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About Us

Who is 48Str8 Supplements?

John Chambliss & Brad McDearman, best buds and co-workers for over 8 years. 

48Str8 was born in 2020 as a solution to a big problem. After purchasing a well-known brand of Pre-workout, John was called for a random urinalysis test, which are very common and pop up at any moment in the Fire Service. To his surprise, he had a false positive for METHAMPHETAMINE! A little-known ingredient, named DMHA, was in the pre-workout which also happens to be a main ingredient for Methamphetamine. That was the moment when he knew he had to create a solution for the problem of "dirty" supplements. Creating 2 Preworkout Lines for those of us “On-Duty”, those that are “Off-Duty” along with Hydration, Greens and an ever-expanding supplement line.

Brad quickly jumped on board as a Brand Ambassador in 2020 and began tackling the socials. Brad’s passion for being health conscious after battling Cancer twice, helping others and believing in 48Str8’s mission, he was committed 100% from the start. Fast forward to 2024, Brad is now a partner in 48Str8, continues to run Socials, Marketing and is a main contributor for the company. 

On most days, you can find John & Brad workshopping at their favorite gym and putting in a ton of sweat in the middle of it. On the days they are not in the gym, they are Family Oriented or divided by a county line providing Emergency Services for the Citizens of their response areas.

This is Who 48Str8 Is!

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