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Cutters Edge

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Cutters Edge 

Thermogenic Fat Burner including the trademarked ingredients CaloriBurn, InnoSlim, KSM-66, plus much more! This fat burner is loaded with top of the line ingredients to promote weight loss as well as a healthy lifestyle!

With a low dose of 200mg caffeine you won’t feel that jittery, nauseous feeling after you take the recommended dose. What you will experience is sustainable energy all day with no crash. One of our main Ingredients is InnoSlim which has shown in clinical studies to aid in blood sugar health, cardiovascular health, fitness and energy, along with weight management (see the attached link). We have also included CaloriBurn, which has been shown to aid in burning up to 507% more calories, activates fat burning cells, Diverts calories to heat, also known as Thermogenesis (see the attached link).  The other main trademarked ingredient is KM-66 ashwagandha, which in clinical studies has shown to improve stress and anxiety, increase testosterone, promotes cardio respiratory endurance, weight management, memory and cognition, thyroid function, as well as  helping to improve quality of sleep (see link below). In addition, while taking Cutters Edge you will notice a curb in your appetite, yet you will still feel energized.  You will notice increased focus and clarity with a clear mind.  Cutters Edge fat burner is revolutionizing the fat burner world. All of our products are 3 party tested, drug free and made in a FDA approved facility! Do not hesitate and place that order!

Information and Clinical Studies on our trademarked ingredients:




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